Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is a student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach in which students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

At each grade level, students at P.S. 115 are given a challenge on a different theme. Here are some examples of how our students met those challenges:

Animal Adaptations

a student with an animal adaptation project outfit they made

Our first grade students explore animal adaptations in this Project-Based Learning unit. Students research animals and their adaptations. They design adaptations for themselves based on animals.

Media Kits For The American Revolution

three students in a group asking their teacher questions

Our fourth grade students learn about the American Revolution through media. After selecting an event from the American Revolution, students create a media kit to support their side. Past projects include videos, podcasts, and board games. Their work is presented during a showcase.

Making New York Accessible

six students presenting a project they created on accessibility and inclusion

Our third grade students learn about accessibility and inclusion. They work together to create an area in our community that can be used by everyone. Past areas included the first floor of our school, an art classroom, an amusement park, a shopping mall, and a cafeteria. Their work is presented during a showcase.

Critical Issues

students presenting their project to a teachers

Our second grade students tackle a critical issue facing their community in this Project-Based Learning Unit. Past issues include plastic pollution, animal adoption, and climate change. Students research their issue and develop an action plan. Their work is presented during a Critical Issues exhibition.

Making New York Accessible

students working together to design an air drop box to address natural disasters

Our fifth grade students research natural disasters around the world. They work together to create an Air Drop Box to deliver aid to those who have experienced a natural disaster. They also work to create a Survival Guide. Their work is presented during a showcase.